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Leaves Shadow

The rapture and significance of art are rooted in its
exceptional ability to produce cracks in the linearity of the world
in which it is produced and received. 

The hearts of countless persons, across time and space, beat to the radical dream of a just, free, equitable, inclusive, compassionate, non-violent, accountable and feminist world. One that secures the dignity, freedoms and dreams of every person. That is the change we all desire to make in our worlds, homes, streets, parliaments, borders, classrooms, work spaces, courtrooms, digital networks, and minds. That drives us – the belief that asking the right questions, listening, talking, centring, creating and deliberating with honesty and intention make all the difference.

We aspire to building partnerships and solidarities with and across individuals and groups with shared commitments, providing the necessary triggers and contexts to talking, making, sharing, transforming and catalysing change. Some such partnerships and allies have enabled our creation and first steps, which we hope to build on, as we walk along.


We remain open to collaborations for creation and exhibition, in documentary and other arts, with the hope of nurturing

a community of those engaged in feminist cultural praxis, however small, allowing for connection, debate and

cultural action. 

Leaves Shadow

Break the silence, speak out, create, question,
be heard, matter and count, frame new meanings
and forge new solidarities.

Rough Edges
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