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34 minutes | Hindi with English subtitles | 2024

Aprajita Gupta

She recalls the memory of her first home in Nagaland, each memory a lingering echo of displacement. Is visiting her homeland on a chanced return, a moment of rootedness or a reminder that belonging remains elusive?

Aprajita Gupta is an independent filmmaker and artist driven by a curiosity for novel artistic expressions. the core of her practice draws inspiration from lived experiences and the resilience of people navigating through their lives. Growing up in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, she deeply reflects on personal narratives and takes a keen interest in the nuances of home and belonging. her student film Jaagte Khwaab, that explores the theme of identity and sexuality, screened at the Dharamshala International Film Festival.

Director, Script Writer, Cinematographer, Editor: Aprajita Gupta

Sound Recordists: Jetender Gupta, Aprajita Gupta

Sound Designers: Aprajita Gupta, Sahil Asthana

Rough Edges
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