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30 minutes | Odia, English with English subtitles | 2024

Lipika Singh Darai

A personal essayistic documentary that explores the beauty and depths of friendship between B and S. While going through corridors of loneliness, as they struggle with their immediate world that refuses to see them for who they are, friendship becomes the idea of home and family, where the deepest connections and belongingness are found. The filmmaker introduces this tender friendship to her late grandaunt through imaginary conversations that carry in them fragments of shared love and longings, drawing intimate connections between human and non-human worlds.

Lipika Singh Darai is a director, writer, and editor based in India. She has been making socio-cultural films in Odisha, where she belongs to the Ho indigenous community. She has received four National Film Awards for her films. Her documentary Night and Fear (2023) premiered at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Ammodo Tiger Short competition. She is developing her debut fiction feature Birdwoman which has received the Hubert Bals Development Fund 2023. She is one of the ten creative talents in BAFTA Breakthrough-India 2023.

Director: Lipika Singh Darai

Cinematographer, Sound Recordist, Editor: Lipika Singh Darai

Sound Mixer: Ishaan Devasthali

Featured Characters: Biraja Nandan Mishra, Saesha

Rough Edges
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