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26 minutes |  Koch, Assamese, English with English subtitles | 2024

Pranami Rajbangshi

A diary film that attempts to rebuild the severed connection between the filmmaker and her ancestral tribal identity as an indigenous Koch woman. The film serves as a provocation to construct her lost identity, which now remains at a distance, perforated with nostalgia and an imagined sense of belongingness. Without any visual memory of her grandmother, whom she has never met, she searches for her through the stories of her father, and the women of the community she refers to as Aja, Anung and Abu. This identity has been erased by powerful patriarchal and majoritarian religious structures throughout history, manifested through multiple waves of Sanskritisation, ultimately pushing towards a homogenised Hindu identity, with the loss of the tribal language, culture, tradition and animistic faith systems.

Pranami Rajbangshi is a multimedia artist who has recently graduated from the National Institute of Design. She is a queer, indigenous woman from Assam belonging to the Koch community. She is interested in the politics of gender and identity, drawn from her lived experiences. She is intrigued by the visual medium and believes it is quite impactful. Through research, photography, filmmaking and writing she wishes to explore critical social issues and work closely with communities. Boi Thaka (The Flow of Resilience) is her debut film as director, created as her final year graduation project. The film is part of Visions du Reel- VdR–Film Market and International Documentary Film Festival of Kerala.


Director, Editor: Pranami Rajbangshi

Cinematographer and DI Colourist: Shrutiman Deori

Sound Recordists: Shrutiman Deori, Pranami Rajbangshi

Sound Designer: Eemon Koch

Music: Rishikesh Thangjam

Rough Edges
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