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40 minutes |  Hindi, Gujarati with English subtitles | 2024

Rafina Khatun

Gulnaaz remains committed to using community radio to shed light on injustices and oppressions faced by marginalised communities, despite constant scrutiny and control by her family and community. Through her empathetic storytelling, she brings attention to untold narratives and advocates for unity and harmony. Amidst her fight for social change, Gulnaaz grapples with her own struggles for freedom and autonomy. This is the story of a young Muslim woman dreaming differently in a patriarchal society determined to silence her.

Rafina Khatun is a filmmaker and editor, dedicated to amplifying the voices of women through her work. With a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Calcutta University, she has honed her skills by assisting renowned filmmakers like Debalina, Susmita Sinha, Sankhajit Biswas, Farha Khatun and Baudhyan Mukherji on various documentary and fiction projects. In 2021, Rafina was awarded the prestigious Third Eye Fellowship from Nirantar Trust, which enabled her to create her debut film A Journey to Home, which intimately explores the unfulfilled dreams of her family members. She has worked with Drishti in Ahmedabad, where she edited films and actively participated in community skill training programmes. Currently, she is pursuing Editing at SRFTI.


Director, Editor: Rafina Khatun

Cinematographer: Priyanka Biswas

Sound Recordist, Additional Cinematographer: Susmita Sinha

Rough Edges
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