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celebrating diversities, embodying resistances

Films commissioned under two rounds of the Uncode Fellowships explore and visibilise our diverse, lived experiences, expressions and reflections as women, trans and queer persons,

across identities and locations.

projects under development

Wanderers, no More.jpg

Wanderers, no More?

Aprajita Gupta

The wanderings of childhood become stories of displacement,
when the filmmaker's mother recalls the memory of her first home, 
creating a heartrending portrait of marriage and migration across

three generations in a family. The Film is about the dispersal of belongingness and a seeking of rootedness. 


B and S.jpg

B and S

Lipika Singh Darai

A personal essayistic documentary that explores the beauty and depths of friendship between B and S. While going through corridors of loneliness, as they struggle with their immediate world that refuses to see them for who they are, friendship becomes the idea of home and family, where the deepest connections are found.


Koro Gochongni.jpg

Koro Gochongni (Initial Conversation)

Pranami Rajbangshi

The filmmaker journeys to Harigaon village, Assam, to trace her ancestral tribal identity with her grandmother's image as her guide. Through introspection and encounters with the women from her community, she attempts to rebuild her lost connection to her roots and find a sense of belonging and reconciliation with her indigenous heritage.


Nighiyaan Chaawan.jpg

Nighiyaan Chhawan (Warm Shadows)

Aakash Chhabra

Weaving personal family archives, reenacted rituals and stories of his mother's girlhood the filmmaker grew up listening to as bedtime fables, the film is about a secret that must be kept hidden, despite the yearning to break free.


Sound of Peace.jpg

Sound of Peace

Rafina Khatun

The story of Gulnaz, a radio jockey in Ahmedabad, collecting sounds from her city that bears burdens from the past, even as she tries to break boundaries that cannot easily be crossed.




Raqeeb Raza, Manvendra Singh Thakur

A project at the cross-sections of performance and visual art that aspires to open up many meanings and questions around the idea of home and belonging from a lens of queerness.


Rough Edges
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