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All that we Own - Film Still (6).jpg


Aprajita Gupta

When a woman leaves her natal home after marriage, what does
she carry with her and what gets left behind?

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B25 - Film Still (19).png


Raqeeb and Manvendra

Inside the walls of B25 is a sanctuary, where lives intersect, stories intertwine and people flourish.

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B and S Film Poster Still2_edited.jpg

B and S

Lipika Singh Darai

A personal essayistic documentary that explores the beauty and depths of friendship between B and S.

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Humaare Beech Mein Production Still (2).png

Humare Beech Mein

Rajkumari Prajapati and Ruchika Negi

How does one show the ordinary, viscerally? How do you use the camera to reveal structures of power and, maybe, even take back some power for ourselves?

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Koro Gochongni Film Still (1)_edited.jpg

Koro Gochongni

Pranami Rajbangshi

A diary film that attempts to rebuild the severed connection between the filmmaker and her ancestral tribal identity as an indigenous Koch woman.

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Log Kya Kahenge - Film Still (3)_edited_

Log Kya Kahenge

Rafina Khatun

The story of a young Muslim woman dreaming differently in a patriarchal society determined to silence her.

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Making Space - Film Still (17)_edited_ed

Making Space

Nikita Parikh

Alsana’s drawings show signs of the society seeping in, as she grapples with her identity and conflicts closer to home.

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Priya Sen

Pari attempts to describe an event in the days of Pari and Praveen, a violent rupture that allowed in a life held by desire and not duty.

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Umbro Film Still (9)_edited.jpg


Prachee Bajania

The threshold of a home, the liminal space that speaks to the lives of women, including the filmmaker's mother and her friends who live in the small town of Dhrangadhra.

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Warm Shadows Stills at 11.32_edited.jpg

Warm Shadows

Aakash Chhabra

A secret between a mother and a son that must be kept hidden, despite the yearning to break free.

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Rough Edges
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